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Little Hidden Secrets
Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Little Hidden Secrets

Little Hidden Secrets

Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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[ME-DVD 001] This disc has been a long time in the making and a way over due release as well. Spanning The Toasters entire career, this is a great companion to any ska collection and more so to the vast Toasters collection many of you may already have. The idea for this DVD was constructed by me (Jeremy) after I had been sent a few old tapes of Toasters live shows from Bucket. A few months before Buck was going to move out of his New Jersey home to Spain, I (and Andrew = MD) took a trip to Buck's house to help him remove all the ska stuff from his basement and garage, within this mass historical collection, were large amounts of old video tapes in various formats. Some were live shows, some were semi documentaries sent in by fans, others were official music video tapes and segments from movie and video studios. With the idea of preserving all this footage and getting some decent quality video clips up the official website for the fans, I told Buck we probably had enough footage here to make a pretty decent DVD compilation. So I set off home and started digitizing what I had come across. There is actually a whole other DVD's worth of material that was left off this release (I had originally built it as a 2 disc set). Some clips were left of due to uncertainty of who owned the footage to legally sell and distribute it. So what we ended up with is a good mix of official (and not so) music videos, some various interview clips and live footage ranging from the 80's on through the 2000's. Keep in mind some of this footage came from really old video tapes sitting in Buck's basement since they were first shot! Future plans include self releasing some 'bootleg' series live dvds straight through the online store...so keep checking back!
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/25/2005
Item #: 1202750X
UPC #: 626177004599
Product Type: DVD

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