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Broken Saints: Volume 3 (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Tobias Tinker Format: CD Genre: Electronic
Broken Saints: Volume 3 (Original Soundtrack)

Broken Saints: Volume 3 (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Tobias Tinker Format: CD Genre: Electronic
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Broken Saints is a 'serial online graphic literature event' (read: online comic) which has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of fans - and dozens of major Internet awards - worldwide since it's inception four years ago. Written and directed by Brooke Burgess, illustrated by Andrew West and designed and programmed by Ian Kirby, it tells the dark, unsettling but ultimately compelling story of four characters 'from the quiet corners of the globe' who are brought together by shared experiences, dark visions and hardships to face a terrifying threat. In addition to contributing previously existing music from my albums, 'Passage' and 'A Suite Hereafter', I have produced a body of new work dedicated to the story, to help form the soundtrack to this acclaimed series. With the addition of some tracks from supporting composer Quentin Grey, this forms the second half of the Broken Saints soundtrack, presented here as volumes 3 and 4. Broken Saints volume 3 presents material from the 'middle' section of the series, including such central themes as Quentin's 'Come Into The Dark' (Oran and various military scenes), 'Ascension' (the DVD menu theme, used throughout the series), 'Concentric Spirals' (from the pivotal chapter 18 tarot scene), 'Lucid' and 'Oraimi' (which figure in numerous key scenes of Oran and Raimi) and 'Shandala's Dream', 'Airavata', 'The Past', and 'The Child' (all relating to Shandala's haunting visions of her past). Finally, there is Oran's powerful chapter 12 revelation in 'Belief'.
Artist(s): Tobias Tinker
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 4/19/2005
Item #: 203297X
UPC #: 4260060720775
Product Type: CD
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