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The Blood of Heroes (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
The Blood of Heroes (Original Soundtrack)

The Blood of Heroes (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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This is dark and gritty music for a post-apocalyptic action film, starring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen. When I started work on the score, I knew I wanted to find a 'future-primitive' sound that would feel like it belonged in that blasted world, so I began building sounds: most of the percussion originated as recordings of junk being thrown around and smashed in a basement, and many of the melodic sounds came from bowed metal and wood. I turned to the orchestra only for brass and strings. The story is set in a place and time in which lost cultures are rediscovered by literally digging in the dirt, and you're as likely to come across a pair of semi-functional accordions as a harmonica or a pair of Moroccan qakabas. With such a fluid culture as a setting, I had the freedom to use a long-standing interest in world music as a significant stylistic element in the score. In particular, the rhythmic basis of much of the music is 12/8 time, which is a favorite meter in the African music I've studied and played.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 12/16/2005
Item #: 25870602
UPC #: 720258706027
Product Type: CD

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