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Too Late For Tears (1949)
Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir
Too Late For Tears

Too Late For Tears

Format: DVD Genre: Suspense-Film Noir
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Too Late for Tears is a 1949 film noir crime film starring Lizabeth Scott and Arthur Kennedy. The story begins with the two driving to a party in the Hollywood Hills only to have a satchel of cash thrown into the back seat of their open convertible. The couple eventually open the satchel and find that it contains about $100,000 in cash. The two debate back and forth what to do with the money as Alan (Kennedy) believes it is probably a blackmail payoff and they should go to the police. Jane (Scott) convinces her husband they should keep the money, so they stash it in the baggage claim at Union Station. The next day while Alan is at work, Jane begins to go on a spending spree and hides packages around the house so Alan does not see what she has purchased. Suddenly, a man Danny (Duryea) shows up at the apartment claiming to be a detective and spots Jane's purchases. He threatens Jane and demands to know where the money is. Jane tells him that Alan has returned the money to the police, but Danny does not believe her story. Danny (Duryea) returns again the next day demanding the money. Jane makes a pact with him that they will split the money. And arranges to meet Danny that night. Alan and Jane spend a romantic evening on a boat they have rented, while Jane has packed Alan's pistol inside her purse. Jane blurts out that she wants to give the money back as she has a pang of guilt. Alan tries to calm her down and reaches for her purse to get a cigarette when the pistol Jane packed falls to the floor. A struggle between Jane and Alan ensues. The rest of the story just gets more and more interesting, with unexpected events. This is a movie you will not soon forget and a classic to keep in your collection forever!
Director: Byron Haskin
Studio: Digicomtv
Release Date: 2/25/2020
Item #: 2282567X
UPC #: 191092593898
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound, Dolby
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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