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Trio Bravo+: Visionary Sound presented Live PAL DVD, works on most modern DVD player. The melancholy Slavic soul meets western grooves. Four classically trained musicians who came from the Ukraine, Poland, and Italy to Berlin and Hamburg are what make up Trio Bravo, and that's the reason for the plus in the name. In spite of having an instrumentation that smacks of "chamber music", they effortlessly break through any and every known boundary in the world of sound. Trio Bravo+, founded in Berlin in 1994, have shown on their five albums released to date just how to stir klezmer, chanson, and gypsy music with classical and rock into an unbelievably tasty mélange. On their first DVD, recorded on November 25th, 2005 in Dortmund's Dietrich Keuning Haus, Mark Chaet (violin), Sergej Sweschinskij (contrabass). Giorgio Radoja (piano) and Adam Tomaszewski (drums, marimbaphone) show that they don't need a fancy light show or visually vamped performance art to enrapture their live audiences with their songs. Totally unpretentious but highly concentrated, the quartette presents it's one-hour concert, with a refreshing lack of between-song stories and witty comments. With a clear concept of scene editing, they don't set their hearts on technical tricks and fast cuts. The sound is excellent and perfectly aligned with the camera, so that eyes and ears can linger undistracted on the precise and soulful playing of these four musicians. In the interaction between violinist Mark Chaet and Giorgio Radoja on piano, bassist Sergej Sweschinskij and Adam Tomaszewski (drums) join in with a lot of pizzazz, so enlivening the play between comical effortlessness and an energetic speed rush. The irrepressible lust for playing is evident in Tomaszewski's facial expression. He doesn't only deliver fabulous drum rolls for Trio Bravo+, but also sets the jazzy accents with his marimba. The other three go to work with focused intensity; you sense that this combo isn't relying on optical tricks to create an effect. This they accomplish with their irresitable music. With rapid tempo changes, furious solo interludes and rhythmic precision they delve into everything between folk and rock, klezmer and chanson, mazurka and Balkan sounds. The 14 tracks, among them such poetic titles as 'Weißes Akkordeon" ("White Accordion"), the musical countryside depictions of 'Rondo Ukraine' and 'Fernes Irland' (Faraway Ireland), as well as the revolutionary sounding 'Panzerkreuzer Potemkin', all penned by composing team Chaet /Sweschinskij, leave nothing to be desired as far as rhythmic and melodic sophistication goes. They are as seductive as a summer day and as refreshing as a breeze from the sea. With their penchant for crossing musical borders, Trio Bravo+ are simply unstoppable, on stage, or anywhere else. Summary Trio Bravo+ are quite idiosyncratic - as much in their musical direction as in their stage presence. Playing with the speed and force of a rock band and performing with the demureness of chamber music quartette, they present themselves on this first DVD as a worldly combo with a lot of heart and all kinds of grooves, stopping at literally nothing in the world of music. Check the DVD at youtube.com/triobravo.
Trio Bravo+
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/1/2008
Item #: 411435X
UPC #: 4038952000188
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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