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Sweet Wedding
Format: DVD Genre: Gospel, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Sweet Wedding

Sweet Wedding

Format: DVD Genre: Gospel, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Tunde Alaoye (Omega Gospel Productions Int\'l) Omega music ministry is making a wide variety of music & Video DVD productions to feed and bless all souls. Firstly, we thank God for his blessings and all his beautiful and divine inspiration. Our aim is to ensure you are always blessed and to ensure you are reminded to approach life with the Joy of God and with gratitude. Our mission is to consistently make unique style music with clean music arrangements packaged in excellent quality production. Our music and video productions are all created in ways that capture the natural richness of live sound, that mirrors live performances. This keeps the feeling of the sounds fresh. You can hear us all in agreement between inspiration flowing and rich traditional African percussion instruments. Incorporating fluid and unpredictable style of music with clean and fresh inspiration, featuring very diverse music compositions. Music productions and Live performances are opportunities for me to process my emotions as we as celebrate life and different aspects of my relationship with God. I constantly use song writing and compositions to explore and further understand the Christian journey. Sweet Wedding Album is available for sale on DVD, Video CD, Audio CD and Audio Tape\' which features a selection of beautifully composed songs that will stick to your mind and lift up your mood instantly, can be previewed online and ordered now. Sweet Wedding features never before heard songs, produced by the Singer with hypnotic harmonies from the backing vocalists and soul moving rhythms. Also featured are re-composed, but yet very familiar gospel oldies that invite the listener to join in with the voices on the VCD/DVD. It is simply a must have for any fan of original live band music, those already familiar with the genre, as well as others that are yet to build a collection. Deemed an excellent choice for parties, and a variety of events including weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions that require good lively music to keep the crowd moving. Sweet Wedding (Igbeyawo Dun) album is available for sale on DVD, Video CD, Audio CD and Audio Tape\'
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/23/2008
Item #: 141095X
UPC #: 634479888199
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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