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Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga

Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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Ten-disc set includes:

Twilight (2008)

Horror, romance, and teen angst collide in this stylish adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling young adult novel. When she starts life at a new high school, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is immediately drawn to brooding goth Edward (Robert Pattinson)--who happens to be a real-life vampire. As their love grows, Edward will be forced to protect Bella from his bloodthirsty brethren while fighting to resist his own (un)natural hunger. Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed also star. 122 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

The "Twilight" tale continues in this sequel to the 2008 romantic chiller, as vampstruck Bella (Kristen Stewart) mourns her breakup with Edward (Robert Pattinson), who called off their blossoming relationship for reasons she doesn’t understand. Bella is soon tempted by a rebound fling with the muscular and mysterious Jacob (Taylor Lautner), whose animalistic nature quickly places her in grave danger. Anna Kendrick and Michael Sheen co-star in this adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novel. 130 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

Even as Bella (Kristen Stewart) prepares to graduate high school, her relationships with the vampiric Edward (Robert Pattinson) and lupine Jacob (Taylor Lautner) grow more complicated. The scourge of a villainous female bloodsucker (Bryce Dallas Howard) growing her undead brood and targeting Bella for revenge leads her romantic rivals into an uneasy partnership to protect her. Third chapter drawn from Stephenie Meyer’s "Twilight" series co-stars Billy Burke, Anna Kendrick. 124 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (2011)

Following the wedding of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson), Jacob (Taylor Lautner) leaves his wolf pack when he learns they plan to kill the pregnant Bella and her unborn child. But Bella’s health begins to fail as her fetus grows at an accelerated rate, leading to a dangerous birth and an unexpected transformation for the new mother, and leaving the lycanthropic Jacob as the baby’s protector. Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser co-star in part one of the final installment of Stephenie Meyer’s successful saga. 117 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (2012)

The big-screen adaptation of author Stephenie Meyer’s "Twilight" books concludes in epic fashion as the now-vampiric Bella (Kristen Stewart) is trained by husband Edward (Robert Pattinson) in the ways of the undead. Their honeymoon ends when they are called upon to protect their enigmatic new daughter from Volturi leader Aro (Michael Sheen), who fears the girl cannot be trusted among them-leading to a fang-tastic final showdown. With Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, and Kellan Lutz. 115 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Includes deluxe packaging designed as a photo album, along with all special features produced for previous releases, plus all-new interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Studio: Summit Inc/Lionsgate
Number of Discs: 10
Release Date: 11/5/2013
Item #: 841138X
UPC #: 025192196836
SKU #: B12677
Attributes: Boxed Set, Ultraviolet Digital Copy, Subtitled, AC-3
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: PG13
Subtitles: ENG, SPA
Closed Caption: Yes

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