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Us Offroad A-Z
Format: DVD Genre: Sports
Us Offroad A-Z

Us Offroad A-Z

Format: DVD Genre: Sports
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Meet the legends, see the monster machines and experience the awesome power this is off-road racing US-style! US Off-Road A-Z is the definitive guide to dirt racing in American, loaded with action footage, interviews, unique behind-the-scenes access and much more. This is the complete story of one of motorsport's best kept secrets, examining the competitors, the manufacturers, the events, the history and the future. From Trophy Trucks to Baja Buggies, from desert racing to closed course competition this is everything you ever wanted to know about US Off-Road, from a to Z! This 2-disc DVD set features all 13 action-packed episodes of the television series Off-Road A-Z. It's a fascinating journey through the story of American dirt racing, meeting the sport's legends including Parnelli Jones, Rod Hall, Walker Evans and Ivan 'The Iron Man' Stewart as well as the stars of today, such as Rob McCachren, Scott Taylor and Evan Evans. We uncover the contribution major manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan have made to off-road racing, and discover how the extreme challenge of desert racing has made the cars and trucks we drive safer and more reliable. US Off-Road A-Z examines the role of money and sponsorship and meets the 'little guys' whose low-budget teams ensure off-road racing retains it's grass roots reputation. You also find out all about the technological advances and how components on our road cars have been tested to destruction in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. As well as celebrating the past and paying tribute to the legends who shaped the sport, US Off-Road A-Z looks to the future of dirt racing.
Studio: Duke Marketing
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Item #: 373050X
UPC #: 5017559110277
Product Type: DVD

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