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National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002)
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Contemporary
National Lampoon's Van Wilder

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Contemporary
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Kooky campus comedy starring Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder, the "BMOC" for seven years running, who has no aspirations of graduating because he keeps getting the babes, has clout and has amassed lots of friends. School newspaper reporter Gwen Pearson (Tara Reid) begins researching a story on the legendary Wilder, and the party animal falls for her. A big problem: Gwen’s frat boy beau is not a Wilder fan. With Tim Matheson, Tom Everett Scott, Kal Penn, and Curtis Armstrong. 94 min. Standard and Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, DVS; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish.
Teck Holmes
William Munroe
Justin Neill
Peter Abrams
Ryan Reynolds
Michael A. Allowitz
Peter Nelson
Stacy Bellew
Tara Reid
Alex Nesic
Tim Matheson
William Apperson
Ari Newman
Kal Penn
Michael Olowokandi
Patti Arpaia
Teck Holmes (Money)
Daniel Cosgrove
Eric Aude
Edwin Avedissian
Andrew Panay
James R. Bagdonas
Brian Bains
Deenah Patterson
Megan Baker
Susie Balaban
Jeremy Phillips
Walt Becker
Andrew Bilgore
John Placencia
Chris Owen
Nick Puga
Ivana Bozilovic
Aaron Paul
Lauren Birkell
Albert Owens
Brent Goldberg
David Wagner
Joyce Brothers
Michelle Thomas
Deon Richmond
Alex Burns
Emily Rutherfurd
Paul Gleason
Erik Estrada
Curtis Armstrong
Jason Winer
Simon Helberg
Sean Brennan
Charlie Brewer
Kim Smith
Cheryl Bricker
Quentin Richardson
Teresa Hill
Chad Brokaw
Megan Gallagher
Mark Chaet
Michael Waltman
Michelle Burke
Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Darius Miles
Martin Schloemer
Richard Burnette
Alexis Scott
Ronald Hunter
Darcy Shean
Tom Everett Scott
Francois Caillaud
Tom Howard
Brian Simpson
John Colton
Ryan Carlberg
Sophia Bush
Chris Sowers
J. Patrick McCormack
Robert Carr
Gregg Daniel
Mollie Stallman
Heather Charles
Skyler Stone
Colin Campbell
Daniel Chaves
Sirin Suprasert
Joshua Swanson
Manny Chavez
Sean Marquette
Alexia Chiaromonte
Sterling Rice
Wally Sweeterman
Billy Taylor
Anderson Goncalves
Christopher W. Trott
Erik Aude
Kirk D'Amico
Toby Tucker
Dave Vandermeuse
Gerrit Dangremond
Travis McKenna
Anne Varnishung
Lou Beatty Jr
Christopher Violette
David Wagner
Dayna Danika
Harry Danner
Matt Newton
Andrew DeCristofaro
Edie McClurg
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Josh Waters
William J. Durrell Jr.
Bernard Weiser
Paula Dussman
Summer Wesson
Chad Evans
Natan Zahavi
Sarah Fairfax
Cynthia Fancher
Shaina Fewell
Barbara Fiorentino
Nate Foll
Lucas Foster
Jeff Franks
Frank A. Fuller Jr.
Soren Fulton
Brent Goldberg
Ryan Goldberg
Josh Hakian
Kevin Hamilton
Tina Harrelson
Daniel Hastings
Kelly Hayes
Anna E. Hayward
Julie Helton
Dennis M. Hill
Randi Hiller
Jason Hopkins
Lydia Hull
Ben Jacob
Edward Jaszek
Jason Jensen
Rick Joseph
Rachel Kamerman
Suzan Katcher
Chris B. Kenny
Martina Kohl
Rebecca Koscinski
Willie Latimore
Jenny Leone
Robert L. Levy
Laura E. Little
Megan Litwin
Teesha Lobo
Rebecca Mangieri
Elenie Mansalis
Johnny Martin
Jill McGraw
Marc Meyer
Anthony Milch
Directors: Walter Becker, Walt Becker
Studio: Lions Gate
Release Date: 5/1/2018
Item #: 2033531X
UPC #: 031398289241
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR

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