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War Classics: Volume 2
Format: DVD Genre: War Drama
War Classics: Volume 2

War Classics: Volume 2

Format: DVD Genre: War Drama
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A group of American "Commandos" (1968) disguises themselves as Italian soldiers in order to capture an important North African oasis before the Allies land. Lee Van Cleef, Jack Kelly star. Then, an Israeli commando undertakes a dangerous mission with an elite squad to infiltrate Arab territory and break into the prison where he was once held, in "Eagles Attack at Dawn" (1975). With Rick Jason, Peter Brown. AKA: "From Hell to Victory," "Hostages in the Gulf." Then, "Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil" (1985) focuses on two brothers from Berlin who take opposite sides during World War II: Helmut, a student and opportunist, joins the SS, while Karl becomes a chauffeur for the stormtroopers. John Shea, Bill Nighy, Lucy Gutteridge, Tony Randall, and José Ferrer star. Also includes "Go for Broke!" (1951). 7 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1.
Peter Brown
Stewart Granger
Giampiero Albertini
Van Johnson
John Shea
Pier Paolo Capponi
Duilio Del Prete
Lane Nakano
Bill Nighy
Joachim Fuchsberger
George Miki
Gotz George
Jack Kelly
Lucy Gutteridge
Akira Fukunaga
Marino Mase
David Warner
Heinz Reincke
Helmut Schmid
Warren Clarke
Ivano Staccioli
Ken K. Okamoto
Henry Oyasato
Otto Stern
Marilu Tolo
Michael Elphick
Harry Hamada
Lee Van Cleef
Stratford Johns
Henry Nakamura
Robert Urquhart
Jose Ferrer
Warner Anderson
Carroll Baker
Don Haggerty
Tony Randall
Gianna Canale
John Normington
Dan Riss
Derek Newark
Paul Brooks
Colin Jeavons
Ivor Roberts
John Dicks
Prentis Hancock
Edward Earle
Struan Rodger
Freeman Lusk
Richard Anderson
Robert MacLeod
Harris Matsushige
John Woodnutt
Walter Sparrow
Bernard Lloyd
Peter Craze
John Benfield
Frank Iwanaga
Paul Togawa
James Coyle
Forbes Collins
Shaun Curry
Dave Atkins
Steven Bronowski
Peter Howell
Ray Armstrong
Ruth Goring
Robert Ward Wood
Matyelok Gibbs
Carmela Restivo
Ernesto Morelli
Harry Jones
Pamela St Clement
John Moore
Henry Guttman
Bruce Morrison
John Banner
Robert Demeger
Tricia Thorns
Steve Dixon
Mario Siletti
Nick Brimble
Tennessee Jim
Jeanne Lafayette
Alec Linstead
Ann Codee
Jack Reilly
Frank Francone
Louis Mercier
Michele Lange
Richard Monda
Rollin Moriyama
Maurice Colbourne
Christopher Gray
Tony Christian
Ian Collier
Terry Gurry
Chris Jenkinson
Walter Reed
Hugh Beaumont
Charles Lawson
Brian Grellis
Frank Wilcox
Ned Roberts
Jonathan Stratt
Albert D'Arno
Robert Boon
Jeff M Hall
Billy Gray
Joe Haworth
Mack Chandler
George Offerman Jr.
Eugene Gericke
Ray Hyke
Roger Moore
Josette Deegan
Gladys Holland
Monique Chantal
Andre Guy
Robert Spencer
Jerry H. Fujikawa
Jack George
Claude Guy
Pierre Plauzoles
Armando Crispino
Director: Armando Crispino
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 2/24/2004
Item #: MTI016229
UPC #: 096009162290
SKU #: D69644
Attributes: Enhanced
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Closed Caption: No

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