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The Warning Signs of Addiction (2017)
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
The Warning Signs of Addiction

The Warning Signs of Addiction

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
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So Who Becomes Addicted? Most people don't understand why or how someone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol or any other substance that completely dominates their life. This series takes an in-depth look at teen addiction. It provides a personal connection with those in recovery, the steps to recovery and an honest look at substance abuse. Teenagers all go through traumatic experiences and symptoms of depression. In many cases they don't have the resources to deal with their problems. Many times they turn to drugs as a solution or as a coping mechanism if they feel they can't deal with a problem on their own. This often leads to a path of addiction. This program discusses the traits that can be found in an addictive personality, the warning signs and the attraction to try drugs. It takes a look at what can take a seemingly normal teen down the road of addiction and the intense process of treatment and recovery. Some of the most common paths to addiction include; the desire to belong, to be accepted, to be popular, boredom, depression, low self esteem, peer pressure from social expectation and taking prescription medication that turns to dependency. This program addresses the physical, mentaland behavioral effects of drug abuse and the effective treatment options. Features clinical addiction psychologists, mental health and teen drug abuse experts. Student Discussion Includes What is addiction? Who gets addicted? The addictive personality. Addictive behavior. The 14 most common paths to addiction. Why teens start using drugs. Experiencing the high. The psychological & physical effects drugs have on the body and brain. The warning signs. The consequences. Denial and acceptance. Cure or treatment?
Studio: TMW Media Group
Release Date: 5/2/2017
Item #: 1887286X
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