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Conscious Embodiment
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Conscious Embodiment

Conscious Embodiment

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
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Conscious Embodiment is derived from the revolutionary non-aggressive martial art of Aikido and mindfulness practice. This model provides an immensely practical and valuable set of tools to help you be more creative and effective at work and in your life. We understand what is needed to create more skillful interactions and yet often we are not able to do what we so clearly understand. Conscious Embodiment provides a somatic practice that brings manifestation to the understanding. In this DVD you will find: * An overview   * The Elements of the Practice   * Centering techniques   * A 10min movement practice   * A 10min meditation   * Examples of CE applied to business scenarios   * And more "I attended a workshop hosted by Wendy Palmer. The workshop itself was enjoyable, stimulating and challenging. More importantly, I've used the methods that I learned there every single day since, and they've quietly transformed the way that I deal with the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in my life - at work and at home."                   -  Chris Grant,  14 A Conversations, London "One minute of Wendy's work can clear up years of confusion and  center you deeply within yourself."   - James Flaherty ˆ Founder of New Ventures West and Integral Coaching LLC.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/1/2007
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