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Western Horizons: Universal Westerns of 1950's
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
Western Horizons: Universal Westerns of 1950's

Western Horizons: Universal Westerns of 1950's

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
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Embittered Confederate veteran Robert Ryan builds a Texas land empire through force and graft, but his ambition brings him into conflict with the law and marshal brother Rock Hudson, in "Horizons West" (1952). Julia Adams, Raymond Burr, James Arness co-star; Budd Boetticher directs. Cree-raised Mountie Alan Ladd must tread lightly when the warlike Sioux cross the border in search of a tribal alliance in "Saskatchewan" (1954). Shelley Winters, Hugh O'Brian, Jay Silverheels co-star; Raoul Walsh directs. Tubercular gunman Rory Calhoun makes a new life in New Mexico, but conflict manages to find him still, in "Dawn at Socorro" (1954). Piper Laurie, Lee Van Cleef, Alex Nicol co-star. Cowpoke Richard Widmark rides after the survivor who left his father to die in an Apache ambush in "Backlash" (1956). Donna Reed, John McIntire, Barton MacLane co-star; John Sturges directs. Sergeant Jeff Chandler's orders to keep peace on an Oregon reservation are challenged by encroaching army engineers in "Pillars of the Sky" (1956). Dorothy Malone, Ward Bond, Lee Marvin co-star. 7 hrs. total on five discs. Standard/Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; photo gallery.
Alan Ladd
Robert Ryan
Rory Calhoun
Richard Widmark
Jeff Chandler
Piper Laurie
Julia Adams
Shelley Winters
Donna Reed
Dorothy Malone
Robert Douglas
David Brian
Ward Bond
Rock Hudson
William Campbell
J. Carroll Naish
Kathleen Hughes
Keith Andes
Judith Braun
Lee Marvin
Barton MacLane
John McIntire
Alex Nicol
Hugh O'Brian
Raymond Burr
Sydney Chaplin
Richard Long
Edgar Buchanan
Harry Morgan
Willis Bouchey
Jay Silverheels
Mara Corday
Robert J. Wilke
James Arness
Antonio Moreno
Dennis Weaver
Michael Ansara
Jack Lambert
Roy Roberts
George J. Lewis
Skip Homeier
Frances Bavier
Olive Carey
Lowell Gilmore
James Millican
Edward Platt
Charles Horvath
Tom Powers
Lee Van Cleef
John Hubbard
Robert Foulk
Anthony Caruso
Orlando Rodriguez
Stanley Andrews
Rodolfo Acosta
Phil Chambers
Frank Chase
Glen Kramer
Floyd Simmons
Richard Garland
Henry Wills
Gregg Barton
Douglas Fowley
Fred Graham
Robert D. Herron
Scott Lee
Walter Reed
Pat Hogan
Russ Saunders
Felix Noriego
Raymond Greenleaf
Paul Brinegar
Paul Smith
Glenn Strange
John Cason
Dan Poore
Philo McCollough
Dick Taylor
Forrest Taylor
Martin Milner
Lee Roberts
Mae Clarke
Terry Frost
I. Stanford Jolley
Robert Ellis
Tom Monroe
Edwin Parker
Walter Beaver
Ralph J. Votrian
Walter Coy
Billy Wayne
Lillian Molieri
Chris Alcaide
Reg Parton
Post Park
Alberto Morin
Dan White
Richard Hale
John Maxwell
Carl Andre
Edward Coch Jr.
Frank de Kova
Norman Leavitt
William Fawcett
Paulette Turner
Terry Wilson
Ray Bennett
John Harmon
Rex Lease
Robert Bice
Philip Kieffer
Tristram Coffin
William Phillips
John McKee
Felipe Turich
Tom Riste
Gilbert Conner
John Carpenter
Lee Morgan
Dan Borzage
Peter Mamakos
George Sherwood
Jack Williams
Maureen Hingert
Bryson G. Liberty
Tyler McVey
Wayne Burson
Jack Chefe
George Patterson
Don Nagel
Ewing Mitchell
Bob Herron
Forbes Murray
Everett Glass
Fred Coby
William Gould
Philo McCullough
Jack Holmes
Alex Sharp
Monte Montague
Victor Millan
Joe Bailey
Ed Hinkle
Charles Gibb
Tommy Mann
Dean Henson
Lou Slim Gaut
Dorothy O'Brien
Helen Gibson
Bert Kennedy
Paul McGuire
Buddy Roosevelt
Claude Dunkin
Chester Jones
Directors: George Marshall, Raoul Walsh, George Sherman, John Sturges, Budd Boetticher
Studio: Turner Classics Mod
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 2/18/2013
Item #: 1040791X
UPC #: 025192181849
SKU #: D34927
Attributes: Boxed Set, Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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