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Where Do We Go From Here? (1945)
Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical)
Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical) Theme: Fantasy
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It’s World War II, and 4F USO worker Bill Morgan (Fred MacMurray) wishes he could be doing his part. Clumsy Ali the Genie (Gene Sheldon) is happy to oblige, but he winds up sending him to Washington’s army during the American Revolution! That’s just the beginning of a bollixed journey through the ages in this musical fantasy comedy with June Haver, Joan Leslie, Anthony Quinn; Kurt Weill-Ira Gershwin score includes "All at Once," "Morale." 77 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Fred MacMurray
Joan Leslie
June Haver
Gene Sheldon
Anthony Quinn
Carlos Ramirez
Alan Mowbray
Fortunio Bonanova
Herman Bing
Howard Freeman
Morris Ryskind
Sig Herzig
Otto Preminger
John Davidson
Rosina Galli
Fred Essler
Bert Roach
Paul Weigel
Ferdinand Munier
Harry Holman
Harrison Greene
Joseph Haworth
Scott Elliott
Robert B. Castaine
William Carter
Arno Frey
Max Wagner
Larry Thompson
Bob Stephenson
Will Kaufman
Walter Bonn
Hans Von Morhart
Joe Bernard
Hope Landin
Dick Elliott
Norman Field
Edward Clark
Cyril Ring
Sam Bernard
Ralph Dunn
Ralph Sanford
Edward Hyans
Helen Servis
Eileen Scott
Robert Hamilton
Buddy Moore
Ed Stanbridge
Richard Reed
Hal Taggart
Ronald Stanton
Jack Ross
Louis Mosconi
John Roche
Warren Lane
Allan Ross
Jack Lomas
Dinsmore Delano
Bill Voorhees
William Lundy
Joseph De Angelo
Randolph Hughes
Nikki Manners
Price Samuel
Edgar Caldwell
Eugene Hovey
Gene Gary
Muriel Kearney
Al Gallagher
Jerry Warren
Barbara Blain
Betty Slabe
Betty Leonard
Peggy Gordon
June Earle
Timmy Sabor
Lorraine Reimer
Betty Jean Orth
Robert Cassidy
Lucia Rand
JoAnn Dale
Eleanor Peterson
Vincent Vaux
Joan Carey
Blanche Taylor
Kay Adell
Dolly Yankee
Joy Barlowe
Marian Kerrigan
Sharon Hurley
Dona La Barr
Bunny Carlton
Lynne Sterling
Margaret Westberg
Dolly Perrin
Perk Lazelle
George Mann
Billy Coull
Neal Sinclair
William Vaux
Sam Ash
James Desin
Phil Bloom
Johnny Reese
Willie Bloom
Gino Corrado
Robert St. Angelo
Merle L. Weaver
Joseph Glick
Ted Doner
James Clemons
William Nye
Mishka Egan
Bill Borzage
Jack Perry
Stuart Norton
Tom Ladd
Joe Evans
Hansel Warner
Adrian Altomare
James Ford
Grant Davis
Russell Ash
Gregory Ratoff
Director: Gregory Ratoff
Studio: Fox Mod
Release Date: 11/20/2012
Theme: Fantasy
Item #: 490303X
UPC #: 024543850069
SKU #: D60582
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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