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The White Angel (1936)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Biography
The White Angel

The White Angel

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Biography
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Solidly mounted Warners biopic casts Kay Francis as Florence Nightingale, and effectively chronicles the Victorian-era nursing pioneer's hard-fought efforts to publicize the squalor in which the wounded of the Crimean War were treated, and to elevate the level of care that they received. Stirring tribute to "The Lady with the Lamp" also stars Ian Hunter, Donald Crisp, Nigel Bruce, Montagu Love. 92 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Kay Francis
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson
Nigel Bruce
Donald Woods
Donald Crisp
Henry O'Neill
Billy Mauch
Charles Croker-King
Phoebe Foster
George Curzon
Georgia Caine
Ara Gerald
Halliwell Hobbes
Eily Malyon
Montagu Love
Ferdinand Munier
Lillian Cooper
Egon Brecher
Tempe Piggott
Barbara Leonard
Frank Conroy
Charles Irwin
Clyde Cook
Milton Owen
Robert Stevenson
E. L. Fisher-Smith
Hugh Gee
Harry Allen
George Kirby
Harry Cording
Gaby Fay
Alma Lloyd
Daisy Belmore
May Beatty
Katherine Clare Ward
Cecil Weston
Ann Shaw
Dorothy Arville
Helena Phillips Evans
Lawrence Grant
Yorke Sherwood
Herbert Evans
Nelson McDowell
Eric Wilton
Boyd Irwin
Lew King
John McCallum
Gunnis Davis
Lowden Adams
George Bunny
Fred Walton
John Power
Robert Bolder
James May
Arthur Turner Foster
Paul Panzer
Ian Wolfe
Gardner James
John Rogers
Reginald Sheffield
Leo McCabe
Helena Grant
Cyril Thornton
Emmy Weinniemach
Elizabeth Weiner
Mary Forbes
Elspeth Dudgeon
Mrs. Wilfrid North
Vesey O'Davoren
Hugh Saxon
Holmes Herbert
Lionel Pape
Gordon Hart
Joseph Tozer
Alec Harford
Maud Shearer
Doreen Munroe
Mary Gordon
Rita Carlyle
E. E. Clive
Houseley Stevenson
Jack Richardson
Douglas Gordon
William Griffith
Olaf Hytten
Robert Hale
Harold Howard
Lionel Belmore
Charles Coleman
Gerald Rogers
Frank Baker
Wilson Benge
Harry Stubbs
Dan Maxwell
George Broughton
Jimmie Aubrey
Fay Chaldecott
Sylvia Chaldecott
Edith Ellison
W. H. Davis
Crauford Kent
Robert Corey
Henry Mowbray
Wilfred Lucas
Harrington Reynolds
Frank Elliott
Neil Fitzgerald
Raymond Lawrence
Thomas Curran
Montague Shaw
Denis D'Auburn
Jerry Larkin
Lillian Worth
Edith Kingdon
Zeffie Tilbury
Rose Hughes
Kit Townsend
William Dieterle
Director: William Dieterle
Studio: Warner Archives
Release Date: 8/25/2015
Item #: 1524190X
UPC #: 888574294236
SKU #: D71777
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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