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A Woman of Substance Trilogy
Format: DVD Genre: British-Drama, Box Sets
A Woman of Substance Trilogy

A Woman of Substance Trilogy

Format: DVD Genre: British-Drama, Box Sets
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Barbara Taylor Bradford's sweeping best-sellers of ambition, love, and deception in early-1900s England come to life in three acclaimed miniseries. Servant girl Emma Harte's dreams of a better life lead her to become a successful storeowner and "A Woman of Substance" (1984). Jenny Seagrove, Deborah Kerr, Liam Neeson co-star. Emma's quest for retribution against those who wronged her and desire to pass her business empire on to granddaughter Paula are the focus of "Hold the Dream" (1986). With Seagrove, Kerr, Claire Bloom. And Paula's attempts to be like her grandmother could lead to a similar destiny in "To Be the Best" (1992). Lindsay Wagner, Anthony Hopkins star. 11 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH); interviews; biography.
Lindsay Wagner
Jenny Seagrove
Barry Bostwick
Anthony Hopkins
Stephen Collins
Stephanie Beacham
Deborah Kerr
John Mills
James Brolin
Christopher Cazenove
Stuart Wilson
Claire Bloom
Diane Baker
George Baker
Fiona Fullerton
Suzanna Hamilton
Peter Chelsom
Gary Cady
John Duttine
David Robb
Nigel Havers
Peter Egan
Claire Oberman
Christopher Blake
Mick Ford
Liam Neeson
Christopher Gable
James Saito
Paul Daneman
Thomas Ewbank
Dominic Jephcott
Christopher Guard
Dominic Guard
Paul Geoffrey
Rob Freeman
Julian Fellowes
Del Henney
Valentine Pelka
Pauline Yates
Candy Lacy-Smith
Gayle Hunnicutt
Megs Jenkins
Sarah-Jane Varley
Louis Roth
Belinda Mayne
Harry Landis
Victoria Wicks
Rupert Bates
David Swift
Barry Morse
Nicholas Farrell
Moray Watson
Nicola Pagett
Peter Dennis
Amanda Boxer
Kate Spiro
Bruce Boa
Miranda Richardson
Sean Caffrey
Joris Stuyck
Rachel James
Meg Wynn Owen
Bill Reimbold
Sorcha Cusack
John Atkinson
Joe Crilly
Denyse Alexander
Bill Hutchinson
Ian Bleasdale
Vass Alexander
Jayne Beaufov
Ben Aris
Richard Morant
Chooi Kheng Beh (Chooi Kheng Beh)
Elizabeth Benson
Jay Benedict
James Hayes
Philip Blaine
Carole Walker
John Cagan
Ralph Watson
Sandra Caron
Patricia Lawrence
Kah-Joo Chua
Valerie Phillips
David Michael Clarke
Kate Harper
Ellis Dale
Christopher Muncke
Joanna Dickens
Sam Douglas
Joan Heal
Kenneth Nelson
Maria Eldridge
Neville Phillips
John Golightly
Michael Harley
Paul Miles-Kingston
Chris Jenkinson
Pamela Jikiemi
Olivia Keith-Mitchell
Priscilla Phillips
Noel Rands
Charlie Roe
Catherine Roman
John Sterland
Suzanne Vale
Al Vern
Emma Watson
Peter Wickham
Tom Wu
Joe Fagin
Val McKenna
Chris Cozens
Mike Acciaiolli
Ozzie Yue
Eddie Yeoh
Sarah Lam
Jacqueline Depeza
Robert Austin
Directors: Don Sharp, Tony Wharmby, Bob Huke
Studio: Acorn Media
Release Date: 5/1/2012
Item #: 8664X
UPC #: 054961876693
SKU #: D28715
Attributes: Reissue, 4PC
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: Yes

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