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Women: Learn How to Master Self-Defense
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Women: Learn How to Master Self-Defense

Women: Learn How to Master Self-Defense

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
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This DVD presents simple methods to help women get out of any bad situation and to say "No" to aggressors. Since all aggressors only attack people who they feel they can dominate physically, women are a favorite target. But being a victim shouldn't be a fatality and all of US can learn how to defend ourselves. In order to prove it, Minh-Minh Ngo, an expert in martial arts, demonstrates simple techniques, formidable in their effectiveness. Minh-Minh Ngo demonstrates that there's a way to remain feminine while being tough. For additional realism, the DVD presents various situations filmed on real locations: train station exit, parking lot, elevator, etc. Thanks to this method, you'll learn how to defend against an aggressor and increase tenfold your self-confidence and decrease your fear of the unknown. In order to clearly see how the techniques function, Minh-Minh also details all the stages of her craft while being dressed in kimono in the dojo. The many angles and slow motion shots assist you in learning each movement in order to be able to use them in any situation. Eugene Domagatta, an expert in self-defense, intervenes throughout the video so that you know about self-defense theory (aggressor's profile, stress management, etc). Languages: French - English - German - Spanish; Extra Features: photo gallery - interview with Eugene Domagatta - trailers.
Director: Christophe Diez
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 5/28/2013
Item #: 609337X
UPC #: 874482004227
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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