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WWE Multi-Feature: Action Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure

WWE Multi-Feature: Action Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure Theme: WWE
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INSIDE OUT (2011, PG-13, 93 Mins) After being released from prison after serving 13 years for manslaughter, AJ's (WWE Superstar Paul "Triple H" Levesque) dreams of living a pleasant, crime-free life soon come to an end when he discovers his closest childhood friend, Jack (Michael Rapaport, The Heat), has been marked for death.

REUNION (2011, PG-13, 96 Mins) Sam (WWE Superstar John Cena) and Leo (Ethan Embry) Cleary have grown up hating each other, and neither likes their juvenile delinquent kid brother, Douglas, to whom they've only recently been introduced. The sons share the same father, a womanizing drunk, but all have different mothers. Their father died a rich man and when they're brought together by their sister Nina (Amy Smart, Shameless) to learn which of them will inherit the old man's fortune, they are handed an unpleasant surprise. A requirement of the will is that the three estranged siblings go into business together as bail bondsmen. Their first job is to bring in a parole violator who has left Leo with a $250,000 debt. Their search will take them into the mountains of Mexico where they encounter a drug lord and uncover a kidnapping plot, masterminded by an embittered entrepreneur that will endanger them all.

BENDING THE RULES (PG-13, 84 Mins) Theo Gold (Jamie Kennedy), the New Orleans Assistant District Attorney, is about to have the worst day of his life. Not only does his wife decide to leave him on the eve of his birthday, but he manages to lose a high-profile case against Harry Blades (WWE Superstar Edge), an eccentric yet hardnosed detective on trial for corruption. Now, the only thing Theo has left is the car his father entrusted to him - a 1956 Studebaker Goldenhawk. But when he discovers his father's `pride and joy' has been stolen, Theo discovers that the only ally he has within the police department is the same person he tried to put away. As the two set-off to find the car, action and comedy quickly develop when they come to realize that the stolen `Hawk' was merely a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

NO HOLDS BARRED (1989, PG-13, 94 Mins) When world wrestling champion Rip Thomas (WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan) refuses to join a competing network, an evil executive creates a new program, "The Battle of the Tough Guys," where rules don't exist and men engage in an all-out brawl for money. After a murdering ex-convict by the name of Zeus (Tommy “Tiny” Lister, The Dark Knight) comes out on top as the toughest man, an ultimate title match with Rip is the TV network's best chance for big ratings. But when Rip refuses the challenge and his brother is roughed-up as a consequence, the world champion has no choice but to teach Zeus a lesson in a final "No Holds Barred" fight to the finish.

Director: Michael Pavone
Studio: Image Entertainment
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 6/3/2014
Theme: WWE
Item #: 1141486X
UPC #: 014381000856
SKU #: D39561
Product Type: DVD

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