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Your Favorite Memory (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Your Favorite Memory (Original Soundtrack)

Your Favorite Memory (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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'Let the music speak for itself' is what the members of VOiD808 would say when asked to describe their sound. Based in Orange County, California this take-charge group has seen their share of success through letting their music be the voice of the band. From placing their releases in stores, performing at some of southern California's greatest venues, to having signed a deal with Coach House Records from 2001-2002, VOiD808 has always truly managed themselves with success. In the winter of 2002 the band went on hiatus to try out different avenues and after almost a year the returning members of VOiD808 set out on a mission to reawaken their spirits and to revive the band. In doing so they welcomed two close friends to take the journey with them and in the process rediscovered their image, their sound, and their purpose. Shortly after reforming the band VOiD808 went right to work on their first full-length release. After 11 long months VOiD808 would release their self-produced debut full-length album in autumn of 2004. In trying to find a title that would best suit their newest release, VOiD808 immersed themselves in the inspiration and imagery that lay behind each of their songs. The collection of songs that the band had written for the album possesses a certain quality, characteristic of songs that one would remember in the recollections of their favorite memories. And as they experienced their thirst for artistry and expression all over again, the band realized that if one were to create a soundtrack of their life and memories it would be filled with songs that remind them of both the joys and the heartaches that accompany life. In a word, such a soundtrack would best be described as bittersweet. VOiD808's newest release, Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory, pursues every element of this idea and even appropriately contains images in the album artwork that evoke a feeling that is melancholy and nostalgic. Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory takes the listener on a journey starting with the explosive opening track 'Torn Pictures of Us,' to the powerful title track 'Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory,' and to the love song 'Hold on to Forever,' before concluding the album with the haunting 'Captured in a Dream.' VOiD808 has spent the last year working on this release and after listening to Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory, it will become evident that all their hard work is finally going to pay off.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/5/2004
Item #: SRD902717
UPC #: 634479027178
Product Type: CD
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