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To Stand Kneel
Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
To Stand Kneel

To Stand Kneel

Format: DVD Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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ZWERG, in a nutshell: piano-based -difficult to categorize -simultaneously unusual & accessible -deliberate in it's incongruity -utterly expressive -uniquely familiar -misfit-embracing -Jesus-loving, but religion-denouncing -dream-poppy, but edgy. __ ZWERG Bio - by Jorgen Bremenger Though the lineup in this band changes quite frequently, ZWERG is primarily the domain of a peculiar Eldon Thiele. Thiele was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, on October 4th, 1977, to a music teacher father and an art teacher mother. The name 'Eldon Thiele' is a tribute to his two deceased, musical grandfathers, Eldon R. Betts Sr. (a violinist and singer), and John L. Thiele Sr. (a trumpeter). This moniker apparently represents but one of his 6 named personalities. Says Thiele: 'ZWERG is the name of the man AND the band, simultaneously. I'm drawn to the intangibility of that; the concrete doesn't fascinate me like the mystification inherent in the enigmatic. Logic can be an enemy to creativity. ZWERG and Eldon are definitely the showmen of the bunch. Having the folks within me all named is, to me, imperative as it assists in appropriating the Self to whatever situation the Self finds itself in at a given time. I call upon whoever's needed at the time. Jason will always be the driving force of this whole ordeal, having been such a disturbed, insecure and emotionally fragile youth. The rest of us surround him like musk oxen, butts in, heads out, ready to ram! NO ONE will hurt that kid! And you better believe it. Jason, in his weakness, is ironically the strength of the posse, because his pain fuels the fire. ZWERG will burn down an adversary with his staring eyes. But only in defense. It's a war for Love, not against fellow humans, but against the principalities of evil opressing or indwelling the adversary.' And it is in this light that the ZWERG concept is best understood. The name ZWERG, which is German for 'dwarf,' was selected as a metaphor for any victim of social injustice, the potentially opressed and misunderstood misfit, debilitated by a lie of his or her own frailty, but in reality, in possession of great vigor, of venomous vengeance, of vitality and virility. The dwarves of myth and legend, though diminutive in stature, are notorious for their unmatched constitution, their determined and disciplined dispositions, their warring capabilities. A German word was selected so as to incorporate the conceptions of harshness, of hardness, associated with the formerly barbaric Northern-European cultures and languages. As well, the family name Thiele is itself German, having originated near Minden, in Lower Saxony, North-West Germany. Thiele says that another strong European link within ZWERG concerns his bandmates, past and present, many of whom are Finnish-Canadian; others have Swedish-French, Ukranian, Germanic, and Celtic roots. 'This whole North American deal of having to be pin-pointed as a certain type of musical entity, within a certain genre, so that you have a specific target market just makes me wanna toss my cooks. Europeans seem to be much more interested in creativity and innovation than North Americans. Passionate, resolute, and intense, musically AND emotionally... but unafraid of exploration and further mental and spiritual expansion. ZWERG is a musical force to be reckoned with. At present, ZWERG is primarily based in Toronto, Ontario, and is hard at work on a new album entitled 'Into The 4th Dimension,' a spiritual sojourn. -Jorgen Bremenger __ -ZWERG Biography- ZWERG is a lyrical journey into the spirit realm, and a musically genre-transcending, psychedelic hybrid of melodic electronica, ethereal dream pop, emotive alt-rock, whimsical acid jazz, shoe-gazer twee-pop, and contemporized folk. The word 'Zwerg' is German and translates as 'dwarf.' Eldon Thiele chose this name because an amount of ancestral Germanic blood circulates through those Atlantic Canadian veins of his, and because numerous legends depict dwarves as tenacious warriors of superior pluck! However, dwarves are all too often dismissed as feeble misfits... Therefore, ZWERG has totally committed itself to defending the misunderstood, the underdog. For there will come a day when the last will be first, when the rejected will be restored unto their Creator. ZWERG is a unique incarnation in that it is stylistically unrestricted, visually avant-garde, and spiritually refreshing. Though not conservatively religious, ZWERG's lyrics are often based on such principles as the mortality of humanity and the immortality of the soul. ZWERG is unafraid to explore controversial issues, and shed light on the realities of the supernatural, of spiritual warfare, demonic possession, and miracles. ZWERG strives to lead people through a musical door, to a place where they can sample the surrealism and beauty of the Sublime while still subsisting in the often mundane and depressing natural realm.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/20/2005
Item #: SRD725952
UPC #: 776127259521
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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